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About CLJ Realty Group

CLJ Realty Group is a real estate agency that is specialized in selling and managing REO and Traditional properties in Southern California.

As a real estate giant with rich history, we are backed by 12 years of real estate experience, 5 years' success in managing REO properties, our managing broker and qualified real estate agents who have an extensive background in championing all aspects of REO disposition. Whether expediting REO processes including BPO’s, pricing, and holistic marketing to promote sales or collaborating with other professionals to facilitate property inspection, appraisal, survey, and financing; we deliver stand out results.

Our unique approach in meeting REO client's needs has earned us many recognitions in Southern California which are accompanied with our track records in providing accurate evaluations, keeping expenses low and recovering maximum return of capital on REO properties. You will be impressed with our remarkable service, attention-to-detail, and unwavering persistence to find the perfect home or buyer for you.

✔Database of hundreds of “ready and willing” buyers/Investors that are extremely interested in purchasing properties.

✔Accurate BPO’s that will get REO properties sold and closed in less than 28.5 days average.

✔Standby asset manager “hotline” dedicated to answering all REO inquires 24/7, via private cell phone, fax, and email.

When it comes to REO and Property Management solutions, we are the ideal home seller and buyer for your specific real-estate goal. As a customer-focused real estate agency, we are committed to delivering exceptional service at every step of your home buying or selling process. Curious? Contact us!

Visit our website ➪ http://www.cljrealty.com/

For our Credit Restoration Membership go to www.cljfinancial.com

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